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Hiring Opportunities

We currently have openings for graduate students. Please see below for a description of what these positions involve and information for how to apply.


Mary Woodard Lasker Biomedical Research Building
3960 Broadway

Lab: Rm 510 / Office: Rm 540B
New York, NY 10032


PhD Students

PhD Students:
What You’ll Do

  • Engineering: Learn to synthesize & characterize nanobiomaterials. This will involve learning techniques relevant to bioconjugation, microfluidic nanofabrication, microscopy, dynamic light scattering and rheological techniques. 

  • Immunology & Biology: Learn the way the immune system works and current techniques for studying key processes of innate and adaptive immunity. Techniques in this area will include flow cytometry, ELISA, histology, and spatial multi-omics. Depending on your project area, you will also gain expertise in particular disease biology, like cancer or Alzheimer's disease. In most cases, students working on disease applications will need to be comfortable working with animals.

  • Communication: The cornerstone of a successful  research career is communication skills. You can discover the most amazing things in the world, but if you can't help others understand your findings it won't do much good. Our PhD students will learn techniques for improving their writing, oral presentation and data visualization skills.

  • Opening: Student recruitment for the Fall 2025 cohort is dependent on our lab's fundraising. 


Postdocs: What You'll Do

  • At this time, we are only able to consider postdocs who have obtained funding

  • We are currently looking for postdocs with at least one the following areas of expertise: 

    • Immunoengineering - experience with immunoassays like multi-color flow cytometry, ELISpot, CODEX, or other spatial multi-omic techniques.

    • Materials Science - experience with nanoparticle synthesis & characterization, electron microscopy or rheology. We have special interest in candidates with DNA origami or exosome expertise.

    • Organic Chemistry - experience with polymer synthesis & characterization, bioconjugation techniques or biopolymer engineering.

  • Gain an interdisciplinary skillset: while you will come into the group with valuable expertise from your PhD, we will help you broaden your skills to help you towards your chosen career goals.

  • Mentoring: as a postdoc in our group, you will be expected to provide mentorship and guidance to students learning topics in your area of expertise. 

  • We see the postdoc experience as a time for broadening your research skills and acquiring mentorship experience relevant for your career goals. You will likely join an existing project and be encouraged to quickly develop expertise with our base technology, so that you can eventually pursue research trajectories made possible by your unique combination of skills.


  • Postdoctoral fellows

    • Salary starting at $70,000.

    • Benefits including health and dental, see full range of benefits here.

    • Professional development and additional benefits through the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. ​

    • Note that Columbia Postdocs are unionized.

  • Graduate students

    • All PhD students are funded by our lab or through departmental grants. This includes full tuition, an annual living stipend (~$46k in 2023), health insurance and access to student housing.​

    • Note that PhD students are unionized.

    • Please note that recruitment for the upcoming application cycle is dependent on our fundraising efforts.

    • Masters students are typically not funded by the lab or the department.​ 

    • Please note we are currently not taking on Master's Students.

  • Undergraduate students

    • Research can be counted towards academic credits, and in certain cases we may fund students or help them find programs to fund them.​

    • Undergraduate Students are expected to commit to at least 3 semesters to research

    • Please note we are currently not taking on Undergraduate Students.

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